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Print on demand Designs

Collection of Print on demand designs 

Perfume Campaign Project Social Media Advertising and Posters

Hello Everyone, I am excited to share with you my latest project - a Perfume Campaign promoting a fragrance line. Utilizing the power of social media advertising and eye-catching posters, I was able to showcase the unique and alluring qualities of these Perfume scents.

Gwen Stacy FanArt - by Haider Subhi


🕷️🕸️ After maybe 5-month hiatus, 

I’m back with a new piece of fan art featuring the amazing Gwen Stacy!

I fell in love with this character in the Spider-Verse series and decided to make my own interpretation of her. 

3D Artworks By Haider Subhi ( Haider.Artist )


3D Artworks By Haider Subhi ( Haider.Artist )

Motion graphics & 3D Animation - Showreel 2022

Photography - Haider Subhi

Watermelon juice Ad design

 Watermelon juice Ad design for OJO brand

Posters and social media designs

Zouy and the hidden forest

Just wanted to share with you my latest artwork

 Zouy and the hidden forest

made in blender 2.93 Hope you like it…

First Day Of Summer Artwork By Haider Subhi

First Day Of Summer 3D Artwork

Inspired By J Sau Illustration

Blender 2.92

Affinity Photo

Telephone booth- 3d Artwork


Interior Designs

Graphic Designs - 3D Artworks by Haider Subhi

My designs and artworks gallery....

Chartoony designs




In the perfect life it's better to be a hammer,but in the real life being a nail is more than enough to make a big mess. .

Blank street -Road sign stock images + obj file , Royalty Free - Freebie

This pack contains 7 different 3000*3000 images of blank street signs + OBJ without texture 

beware cat addicts road sign

Free Royalty Silver ring metal ring frames pack


Free Royalty Silver ring metal ring frames pack 

You don't need to credit me all contents in this file I made for free  

 but I'd really appreciate if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter 

Instagram Instagram.com/haider.artist

Twitter @Haider_subhi

and if you want more free stuff ask me I will see what I can do for you ..