Credits Page


The statue model by artec3d
The princess model by theSoft
The crocodile model by Ivan Norman
The whale model by nataliedesign
Pickle rick model by Orishkiin
Red car model by Slava .
Astronaut model by Ageia
The dragon model by Julien Kaspa
Girl model by odilia
Soldier model by Kbm7 & Scorcheif
Hemlet model by Circle
Vehicle model by Lksprada
Gun model by Noe.vah
The sword model by Nick Neissa
The boat model by Ashley Aslettt
The rock worker by artec3d
3d origami crane by JuanG3D


Hammer copy of Gus morainslie's artwork
smart phone Ad Idea by Helen hsu
Toaster Concept by Caffè Design
The book artwork inspired by Sevinc Ozcan's artwork
Some textures by Nikola damjanov

Thx for anyone that I forget to mention